Nouvelles Réflexions is an early music ensemble specialising in the music of the 17th and 18th centuries using replica instruments and appropriate performance practice.

Nouvelles Réflexions has taken part in many radio broadcasts for 2MBS-FM and ABC-FM, done concerts for music clubs in Sydney and in regional NSW, and until recently regularly mounted a concert series each year. (Each of the members is so busy that in the past year regular rehearsals have been impossible)

The members of the group are Rita Fin (Cello), Tommie Andersson (Baroque Guitar, Lutes), Frances Griffin (Baroque Flutes, Recorders) and Keith Griffin (Baroque Flutes, Recorders). On many occasions the group has been augmented with strings, choir, harpsichord, and extra recorder/flute players for various works. Included in the repertoire is a large body of 17th & 18th century French music for flutes and continuo, Italian music for two like instruments and continuo, and larger works such as Bach's Cantata BWV 106 (Actus Tragicus), selections from Telemann's Tafelmusik etc.