The Mandelbrot Set

The following pages contain more pictures of parts of the Mandelbrot set. As we enlarge the picture, going deeper and deeper into the region near the boundary of the Mandelbrot set itself (black bits) we see infinitely many fabulous patterns, including miniature copies of the whole set, spidery filaments, pools and lagoons of colour, devilish pitchforks and complicated spirals.

These images were made using the KPT Fractal Explorer plug-in for Adobe Photoshop. The colours have been chosen to emphasise the structure and detail of the M-set, rather than to make an artistic statement.

Copies of the Mandlebrot Set
Misiurewicz Points
Curly Swirly Things
Along the Real Axis
Things on Strings
Keith's Sets
The Mandelbrot Set in Action - Animated GIF Movies

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