Knot Art

Here are some of the knots that can be made with the Mathematica sample notebook "Knots". They were further processed in Adobe Illustrator to give the glass effect, and backgrounds were generated using Adobe Photoshop.

Links to other knot sites

KnotPlot Site
Great knots, big collection, including 3D stereoscopic images, raytraced images, VRML, and heaps of info.

UMass GANG Knot Library

Introduction to knot theory.

The Stick Number of Knots

Untangling the Mathematics of Knots
Gentle introduction to knot theory.

Knots on the Web
Great collection of links to other knot sites.

The Knot Theory Page
Good looking site explaining the concepts invovled in knot theory, including some nice diagrams. Needs some maths background to appreciate it.

A Knot Theory Primer by Charilaos Aneziris
A good introduction to knot theory for those with mathematical background.

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