Grenfell to Cowra via Gooloogong

We've done this several times before and know it to be almost flat and all good road surface, so we should make good time. We didn't get away until 08:30 but luckily the day was overcast and not hot. To our delight the rain had cleared. At Gooloogong we were met by Jack, his suster Jan and her partner Max. They had collected our stuff from Grenfell (only a 45 km drive along the main road) and timed it perfectly to have a snack with us in Gooloogong. While they took a scenic route back along the other side fo the river, we headed into the flattest and possibly least interesting part of our 4 day journey. I t may just be that we are much more familiar with this road so its not so special to us.

We made superb time and averaged a respectable 30 km/hr for the trip door to door, 88 km. our first supported tour over I think we will do some more at some stage if we can find other willing support drivers. It was great fun moving along at good pace rather than the more "will we make it in time" days we've always had in the trikes.