Cootamundra to Grenfell trying to avoid Young

Yet again we were on the road at 08:00, actually a little earlier today. We knew this would be our day of more than 100 kms, so the few extra minutes would be good, esp. if it were to get hot. Luckily the day remained cool, calm and overcast. Our route along Berthong Road was both scenic and helped us avoid major roads. We have cycled this way before, in the opposite direction from Young (2007 tour, day 2)

We had an uneventful trip until closer to Young when the hills on the main road into young (no other sealed route) become long and reasonably steep. We had one short section or roadwork where the traffic banked up, making life marginally more hectic for a km or so. As we entered the industrial end of Young and passed our turnoff to exit again, we found a hasty-tasty and deemed that better than the trip into town. We've never warmed to Young, and always found cycling in town to be difficult, as in Sydney.

Retracing a fews kms we took our turn off (Chillingworth Road) which provided a nice way out of town without the monster hill climb. In only a few minutes we joined the road to Grenfell and were surprised that our memories of rolling terrain were exaggerated. There was one good climb and descent some way along, and another close to town, but in general fairly easy terrain for this section of the 108 km ride.

As we arrived at the 5km road marker it began to rain lightly, and by the time we reached town to roads were wet. Again we had lunch before proceeding to our lodgings, mostly due to the rain.

The B&B was very comfortable and Jack had deposited our gear the previous day. We played cards for some of the afternoon, before strolling into town for an excellent Thai meal in the evening. One day to go.