Boorowa to Cootamundra via Cullinga Mines Rd

No problem getting an early breakfast, a final chat with our cycling host, and we were on road and feeling fully recovered. Today, though our shortest day, would be our most challenging terrain. The Cullinga Mines road route is just splendid - admittedly there are some bad road surfaces but rarely any traffic, superb views, tough climbs and wonderful descents. This would be our 4th or 5th time along this route and while its never easy, it always worth it.

Again we arrived in town before midday (!) and decided to have lunch before checking into our "villa". We had booked a two bedroom villa in a large new establishment alongside the golf course. Jack, (Fran's father) was to collect our gear from Boorowa, then meet us here, stay the night, the drop our next lot of gear at our final night's abode in Grenfell... but I am getting ahead of myself...

After lunch we found the villa easily to be greeted by Jack who had fallen, cut his finger, and managed to spread the blood all over his newly dry cleaned trousers. Naturally he did not have anything else to wear, but luckily there was no need for him to go out anywhere for the rest of the day. Fran drive into town to get him a hamburger as he had not yet eaten.

The accommodation was excellent and the kitchen quite well equipped so we took the opportunity to cook for ourselves, and of course did a superb job!