Cowra to Boorowa via Frogmore

The first section of this ride is the route we normally take to Wyangala Dam, so it is uphill, and scenic. We set out as planned at 08:00 and already the wind was quite strong, though pushing us along so we didn't mind for now. The climbs along the Darbys Falls road are quite significant, esp the final one before the long descent past the tiny hamlet of Darbys Falls and across the creek. Of course having crossed the creek one is immediately sent steeply uphill, so steeply that even hitting this "wall" at 65 kms/hr only propels one 30% of the way up, then its low gears to the top fo the thankfully short "wall"

Not long afterwards we were surprised to be at the turnoff to the Frogmore road, duly made the turn and stopped for a quick snack. The wind was now more across our path and was very strong indeed. The road through this valley is magical and highly recommended for a scenic ride on undulating terrain. Not too far along wqe came the the bridge which had been wiped out last Christmas in the floods. We had already investigated the detour and the bridgework and were pleased that while vehicles would not be able to cross, we could walk the bikes and avoid the steep rough dirt road detour.

We noticed that there we workmen on the site, but since it was about 09:00 by now they were having morning tea, and we were able to pass without annoying them or having to wait for heavy equipment to move out of our way.


Click this image to play the QuickTime movie of the wind on day 1

The terrain now became more aggressively undulating and the wind was more hindrance than help now. The previous day we had dropped a water bottel each at the town sign at Frogmore. We stopped, retrieved our bottles just in time as we had both run out of water, had another snack, and began the final leg - 11 km to the T intersection then 16 kms directly into the howling gale, on hilly terrain.

Exacerbating our increasing tiredness was heat, though it was still only just after 11:00. After great struggles from both of us we arrived at our pub, met our host who is a good cyclist himself, and collapsed. Dragging ourselves to lunch across the road proved useful, but we collapsed and slept a while. Never has either of us been so tired after a day of cycling anywhere!

We had dinner in the pub, then sat on the verandah watching the main street action and eating chocolate, then... zzzzzzz