Day 6, Urana to Rutherglen

Distance (km)89.88 Average (km/hr)19.96 Maximum (km/hr)32.5


Notes on the day

Windy. Very very windy, and worse, it was a SSWesterly and we need to go south all day.

We set out from Urana into the gale, managing to reach speeds as high as 14km/hr during the first few Kms.

In the distance we could see some wooded areas, but around us was open wasteland. No trees, completely flat ground.

Again trikes proved better in the wind so after a few minutes I went to the front of the group and Fran followed. An echelon across the road (there was little traffic) worked well, Fran sheltering behind me, Richard getting wind shelter on his panniers at least, and Simone behind him.

On arrival we found our lodgings to be very comfortable, just as we deserved in fact. The usual shower and shopping followed, then straight into dinner.

Oddly one restaurant was closed, another was booked out, and the third of our usual haunts had one table left, and said it would be a long wait as no-one had booked and they were full. This was fine for us and we did not mind the wait which was not that bad anyway. We drank a bottle of red during that time, and another once dinner arrived. Dinner was superb. We had desserts as well... they were wonderful.

Back at our motel we popped a Muscat and that topped off a hard day superbly.