Day 5, Narrandera to Urana

Distance (km)84 Average (km/hr)24.3 Maximum (km/hr)42.4


Notes on the day

After Simone's world record yesterday we did not expect her to do the same today, but she did, with an everage of more than 27 by the finish - BUT with a huge tailwind this excellent feat was difficult to assess fully.

The day was warm from the start, with high cloud to the south. Terrain today was the flattest so far, with only some very long slight inclines, maximum grade of only 4%.

There were no incindents, not much in the way of wildlife or even birdlife today, and once we left the Boree Ck road, we saw only 2 vehicles until we reached Urana. It really did feel like the middle of nowhere.

Richard and Simone rode a long way ahead, making the most of the tail wind. We rested our legs a bit but still made very good time, not that there was any hurry.

The farm land was dotted with crops, and here and there some stock. Everything was bone dry and though crops appeared superficially good, they would fail within 2 weeks without significant rain.

Perhaps because luxury was approaching in Rutherglen, we decided to spend the afternoon pigging out on cheese, dips and wine. What a terrible life style this is.

Our accommodation, Fox Cottage, was very quaint and comfortable and we felt like staying (especially the next morning when the weather was foul.) It is an historic old weatherboard house that has been nicely done up by one of the locals, who came in after dinner to say hello.