2007 Cycle Tour

Day 3 – Cootamundra to Junee

Distance (km)69 Average (km/hr)18.4 Maximum (km/hr)58

Notes on the day

It rained and blew heavily all night, and at 6 when we arose we saw nearly dry roads, and a very overcast and gloomy day, with strong wind blowing - the wrong way.

We headed out of town, and took Dirnaseer Rd, which Fran and I had ridden several times in the past, and know it to be a really beautiful ride. Today the beauty was not marred, but was not fully appreciated by us as we battled the 90 km/hr gale force headwind, which blew at us all day !!!

The event of the day was that Fran found a galah which seemed unable to fly. She caught it and wrapped it in a used cycling jersey and, feeling rather like the Jolly Swagman, stuffed it in a pannier - without getting bitten. The passenger was eventually calm, and went to sleep for the 4 kms into Junee. On arrival she rang WIRES and was told that someone would come out to us at the caravan park and collect the bird.

We showered, and in fact while Fran was showering the WIRES lady arrived. Her day job was as an ambulance officer, so she arrived in full uniform, with the ambulance. Perhaps a little over the top for a sick galah, but then perhaps this galah was royalty.

Today's ride showed that under certain conditions the trikes are really brilliant. I was able to ride ahead 'easily', and yet for the past two days I had struggled. Fran stayed with the other two and was sometimes ahead. Richard with his 20kgs of 'stuff' in panniers found the extra wind resistance of the panniers quite difficult, and Simone who had no extra wieght on the bike found the wind nearly picked her up off the road.