2007 Cycle Tour

Day 2 – Young to Cootamundra

Distance (km)57 Average (km/hr)23.8 Maximum (km/hr)64

Notes on the day

Cold. Frost on ground. Sunny. Breakfast.

We managed to get underway by just after 8:30. By now the frost had vanished, and the warmth of the sun was noticeable on black lycra.

As we left Young we climbed, as one always has to do from Young as it seems to be built in a crater. Richard was in fine form, putting in some very fast hills despite his heavy rig. The route just kept rolling up and down over hills of 10% grade in many cases. Then Keith had a sudden flat front left tyre. On inspection of the outer surface of the tyre a minimum of 25 spines was found. Most had not penetrated the tube, but clearly some had. While Keith removed first the spines and then the tube, Fran reported that most optimistic piece of news... "There's one in the back tyre as well". "Pull it out!", Keith said, "It will go down anyway".

This leak was slow enough that, having replaced the front tube, Keith anf Fran were able to cover the next 2 kms to the turn off where Richard and Simone had doubtless been asleep wondering what sort of aliens had abducted us.

At this point Keith replaced the rear tube as well. What has been left out of this story so far is that on the way out of town Fran stopped and bought 3 new tubes. This had proved to be a sensible move.

Some more steep climbing greeted us and then, as we had predicted, down and down and down into Coota.

Later, the bar beckoned despite the country and western afternoon taking place in the room behind. Locals, and we suspect some from further afield, get together once every two months, and have a go on the small stage, singing various songs, some of which even we recognised.

We downed a beer or two and chips or seven, and when finally to our auditory relief, the singfest ended, and we tookover the pool table.

After dinner we repaired to the sitting space upstairs and talked, and ate 70% chocolate, listening to a thunder storm rattle past.

Suddenly the lights went out. Shrieks from the bar downstairs. Not just the pub was dark, the whole town had disappeared under a black cloak. The emergency exit lights were on so we could see well enough to get about. We went out side - It was eerie in the street.

This image is the main street illuminated by passing cars during the blackout. Bedtime. Lights back on some hours later. Day done.