2007 Cycle Tour

Day 1 – Cowra to Young via Greenethorpe

Distance (km)65.6 Average (km/hr)20.7 Maximum (km/hr)56.9

Drove to farm, fixed panniers, took deep breathe, and headed off towards Koorawatha

One might expect day one of a tour would be uneventful and easy going when planned by four experienced cyclists, 3 of whom also had plenty of touring experience.

Well, in many ways it was uneventful. There was no motor traffic, the weather was perfect, and we managed to begin our two week adventure with little fanfare.

We stopped at 20kms to admire the views (we had not quite reached Greenethorpe). Richard then took out his peanut butter and honey rations, made several sandwiches and ate them, so Fran and I joined in, eating some sandwiches we had prepared earlier. Just as we pushed off again, Fran noticed she had a flat front tyre, so we had to fix that. The pump she was carrying was our favourite mini pump complete with foot rest and pressure gauge. The bolt holding the pressure gauge on had come loose and fallen off, so this pump was now useless. Luckily we had another mini pump with us.

We put in a new tube, though not very straight, so decided to straighten it in Young.

We had a few more stops as natural breaks and another food stop at Monteagle. Simone now had a bottle cage that came loose so that had to be fixed.

On arrival in Young, much later than expected, Fran decided to take the trike the service station and straighten the valve there. She did that, but when she pumped the tyre up she just kept going, despite the fact that the pressure gauge on the pump was not working, and blew the tube up !!! (at least this is what she thought had happenened at the time - it turned out not to be her fault at all.)

So she had to walk back to the caravan park and get tools and another tube, and then put that it and inflate it rather than blow it up.

Some time later we noticed that the tyre was down again, and once again the tube had catastrophically discombobulated. The tear was 100mm long and on the inside of the tube. We now had some problems as this meant our well planned 4 spares between to two trikes was halved to two, and Fran's trike still needed a tube which worked. Fran patched the original tube which had gone down earlier before Greenthorpe. We decided to put it in and pump the tyre only half way up. This was an excellent move. The tube waited until we had just breathed a sigh of relief, and then it relieved itself and went down.

It had cut itself at the same the place the others had. So we bought some electric tape and wrapped the inside of the rim with two layers, put the now double patched tube back in, and pumped it up half way. It worked.

Now we could have a beer, and having done the shopping during a moment or two in the afternoon when the tube saga was not on our minds, we could now look forward to cooking our first tour dinner.

Dinner was a simple affair of BBQed steak and some vegetables, but most importantly it was washed down with a bottle of Cab Merlot called "Rolling" from a Cudal vineyard. The importance of the wine was its label, the "Rolling" referring to a painting of a lady riding a push bike through the green countryside. We had to drink that!