Day 14, Grenfell to Cowra (well, near to Cowra)

Distance (km)60 Average (km/hr)25.5 Maximum (km/hr)62


Notes on the day

The emotional mix of a final tour day is always strange: the relief that the legs can have a rest tomorrow, that we don't have to find the IGA to buy supplies for dinner and tomorrow's ride, the realisation that the real world is getting far too close ...

It was an uneventful day, retracing some of day 1's route through Greenethorpe. This road is one of the most picturesque in the area, esp when the crops are in and the land looks so green - but this is deception as we know that rain is needed in the next week for the crops to survive. In fact in the two weeks we had been travelling the change in the condition of crops in the Cowra district was obvious, and not good.