Day 12, Coolamon to Temora

Distance (km)61 Average (km/hr)22.2 Maximum (km/hr)50


Notes on the day

Windy, Cool.

Having met so many locals yesterday we almost expected a fanfare and honour guard, and in fact the pub manager did come and see us off the premises. No, we had been very well behaved, he was just curious about 4 such mad people.

It was an easy day distance wise though the start featured hills which just took too much effort.

This particular route is one of the most scenic routes of the tour. The countryside looked more well watered than most other places, crops doing well, at least superficially - rain needed very soon!. The road maintains a good view over the lower land to the left, and runs along just below the hilltops to the right.

Along the final strectch of road into town I spotted an echidna crossing the raod and we all stopped to take a oook and somke photos.

Closer in Fran, who was feeling overly powerful, gave me a great lead out for a sprint. But I bolted and blew up with Richard on my tail, so he took the stage easily, arriving at the town sign well ahead. Yet another silly race! Will they ever grow up ?

Just as we were thinking about a walk about town or some afternoon beers/wine/food, we were invited by the motel owners to drinks ! A friend of theirs, a veteran of campaigns in Malaya and Vietnam, had just had his name added to the local war memorial. There was a long administrative tale behind why this had not been done before, but none of us found this to be the point, offering our congratulations.

We sat talking and drinking red wine accompanied by chips, pretzels and some mixed nuts which we found in our luggage and offered by way of contribution.

It turns out that most afternoons the motel owners invite guests around for a drink anyway, so this afternoon's excuse was perhaps better than most for a booze up.