Day 11, Lockhart to Coolamon

Distance (km)80 Average (km/hr)25.03 Maximum (km/hr)55.5


Notes on the day

Having discovered that it was cold and there was a light frost on the ground over by the caravan park fence, we performed our usual breakfast and repacking of panniers ritual.

From Lockhart the road rolls over long low hills, with Galore Hill to the left dominating the landscape for a while. Further along "The Rock" to the right becomes the focus of attention, and is easily viewed just near "Safebase Bravo" - a large array of aerials with warnings on the gate about high (RF) radiation. Interestingly this installation gives no obvious clue as to its purpose or ownership.

The Murrumbidgee crossing provided us a short food and photo break, then we started the larger rolling hills along the lower end of the Milwood Road.

Again immaturity regined supreme among the men as I chased Richard up the first hill, and arrived at the top totally 'stuffed' with Richard dead level. Richard pushed on at high speed taking this attack as a sign that he must shift along, and of course noticing how stuffed I was from the effort of just one hill ! The race was on for the sedond day in a row, but this time 20 kms from town !!!. For the next 19 kms I chased Richard, though not with any thought of victory. Loss minimisation was may aim.

The hills became flatter, and on every downhill I clawed back some ground, until just out of town I hooked onto Richard's back wheel, and stayed there to have a rest!

It now required a sprint finish, always my specialty. Some time later Simone came in saying she had ridden hard to make sure Fran could not catch her, so even the ladies were being silly today. Poor Fran had been left out there on her own, but she enjoyed it and after a few minutes we saw her pull in to town also.

In Coolamon we found ourselves in conversation with locals at almost every turn. At lunch at the bakery the man who owned the next shop came out and commented on the trikes, then a lady "from the newspaper" came by for a chat and to do a promo on the special museum at the top of the street. The girls serving in the bakery were intrigued also. Later, as I skulled the first the three scooners at the bar, one of the other 4 patrons struck up a lengthy conversation about the trikes and where we had ridden and so forth. Eventually one of the other blokes said two words, neither of which could I make out.

Richard joined me for the 2nd scooner (his first), and then another while the conversation continued. The other blokes variously and appropriately smirked, drank, and almost reacted, and the barman joined in at sensible junctures.

Later Simone went mad in the lolly shop, asking the serving girl to get wond just about every jar andprovide 5 lollies from each. This would have been OK but for a total sale of $6 ?