Day 10, Rutherglen to Lockhart

Distance (km)111 Average (km/hr)24.03 Maximum (km/hr)52


Notes on the day

After three days of slothful indulgence, an overabundance of food of which we took full advantage, and a superfluity of wine beyond common sense, a day of 111 km seemed daunting.

The early morning wind in Rutherglen is usually a light SE which comes down off the Alps, but abates early. Luckily, today was true to form.

As we made our way from relative luxury to the backblocks and beyond the wind swung to around from the W (and a bit S) and picked up strength. It was never a major problem as for much of the trip it helped us along.

We stayed together on the road more than usual today, though Richard and Simone were still ahead much of the time at first. Fran and Keith however caugth up several times and even passed the others. At the end of the day, 10 kms from the desitnation, Richard decided to race Keith to town, both men showing immaturity in large measure. Each arrived in town totally spent.