2007 Cycle Tour – Cowra to Rutherglen

This is the third time Fran and I have done a tour from Cowra to Rutherglen and back, though yet again the routes are slightly different form those we took in 2000 and 2002. In the planning stages we ran into accommodation problems due to the Henty Field Days and had to extend the outward leg further west than orginally planned. This also meant some longer days than we had intially wished to do, but in the end it was perfect.


The crew: Keith Griffin (me) and Fran Griffin, Simone Magri and Richard Vagg.


We took our new Garmin Edge 305 GPS unit hoping it could record the entire trip, though we were fairly sure it would not quite fit all that data, and we were correct. At the finish we found that the first 2 days and most of the third had been overwritten. Had we been able to remove the data after the first week that would have been wonderful, but I had decided that carrying my laptop was a silly idea this time. For this reason the profiles and maps for the first few days are not yet provided here.

Three of us had previous touring ecxperience, but for Simone this was her first, though she had particiapted in some multi-day supported rides before. As it turned out she had a supported tour this time as her bike could not easily take racks and panniers, so Richard carried all Simone's 'stuff' as well as his own. This was good as it slowed him down, a little.

The starting and ending point "Cowra is not quite true. We drove 20 kms out of town on the Young road and locked our cars in the farm shed, so this actually where we began, and to where we returned.