Germany, Iceland, France (& that Bike Race) & England

July, 2005

in Bristol

Day 2 - Conference begins, and a ride to Bathe

Breakfast was great! Full English cooked breakfast for Keith and the usual toast and Jam for Fran, all preceeded by cereal (a substance not seen since the days in the Alpes).

Fran, still having no idea about when she would be presenting her talks, took off to walk to Temple Meads Station where a conference bus would pick up attendees. I had meantime put both bikes together and was ready to go off exploring. Bath seemed the obvious destination so away I went. A few Kms and I was out of town, and a few more and I was back in it - Bath! 15Kms only. The roads signs here a quite good except they do not give distances... very odd. So I took the odd photo and rode back.

Near Bathe

After a chat with our hosts Brian and Ashley and Brain's brother, I headed out on foot to get some supplies. Its a fair walk to town but I found a cafe where I bought a baguette and soft drink for lunch, and touched on this end of the town centre. Its busy here and the roads seem pretty full all of the time.

Cyclists seem to be treated well even on main roads in peak times, and there are lanes for buses bikes and taxis in peak times, and close to town some of these are 24hr lanes!

My walk took a while and on my return I ate my lunch and found a good old black and white movie on TV... and fell asleep. No it was a good film, I was just more tired than I knew.

Then another stroll to the off-licence for a snack (not much on offer) and a bottle of cheap Cotes du Rhone... just in case!

Fran returned and said she had given both her papers... wonderful! Now she can relax and enjoy (?) the rest of the conference.

We dined at the White Heart Pub - fish and chips - chips were OK, peas totally mushy and tasteless, fish OK but a bit greasy.

Day 3

Rain. This was forecast and Fran left for the walk to Temple Meads dressed in her full cycling wet weather gear.

I did some editing of photos, some writing of trip information, watched a very old b/w movie and went for a walk during a non-rainy period of the day.

Fran arrived back around 19:00 and we went out to a nearby restaurant for Dinner. This was an excellent meal - not at all the sort of slop one hears about the English eating.

Day 4

The main feature of today was the evening meal - the conference dinner. However before that I went for a short bike ride between rain storms, and managed to snap my front gear cable... oh well, that's pretty much it for the tour anyway.

The dinner was pretty good food and wine wise and we had interesting company on our table - a bunch of Mexicans and a Dutchman.

Entertainment was an a capella group called "the Naked voices" and they were really good!!

Day 5

The weather had been so unkind to us here that I did nothing much this day. Fran was again at the conference but came home a little earlier this time, and we prepared for the trip home!

Houses in Bristol