Germany, Iceland, France (& that Bike Race) & England

July, 2005

to Bristol

Breakfast, checkout, carry heavy bags and bikes to Gare du Nord.

The check in procedure to the Eurostar was fine, but because we had never done it we were unaware of what was going on and we were both struggling with the weight of our luggage loads. It seems that if you carry extra big or heavy baggage you always have to walk further than anyone else to do anything at a terminal, of whatever kind. To make matters worse Eurostar personnel seemed to have no idea about how to deal with us, and we had our seats changed from Car 1 to Car 16 so that we could be near our bikes, which were then put in Car 1. ??? And we had seats that were not together in Car 16 even though there were plenty of pairs free. This pretty much sums up the French way of doing things. It works, but is neither logical nor practical, it takes no account of people, and could be much better. Fran says the English invented the queue because the French didn't know what to do with money or processes. (The French cannot count coins to save anyone's life!!!).

OK, on the train, and rocking along very fast thankyou! Under the channel. Journey over. Change to a local train at Waterloo. Fran left me with the bags and went to find out about trains to Bristol, bought tickets and after a while, and lots more physical struggle for both of us, we were on our way. This trip covers a smaller distance but takes 30% longer, but that's cool, we need the rest :)

In Bristol a Taxi was simple and within 5 minutes we were at the Guest House. Civilisation again. Even better we know the language here, and we can cycle on the right, no proper, that is, left side of the road :)

View of the back garden at our guest house

Dinner at the Curry House was great. Tomorrow Fran will be at a conference, and I will have free time.