Germany, Iceland, France (& that Bike Race) & England

July, 2005

Brittany: Day 6, St Malo

What was it we decided about a rainy day? Well, its off to St Malo by car today. St Malo is impressive in that is a small town inside a wall, and there are remains of fortifications on islands nearby, but its all too new. 80% was destroyed in the WWII and it was all rebuilt in C17 and C18 style - which is all really good. But its just a town, within a much bigger one and its all very busy and touristy. One point of interest was a lady with a modern barrel organ, worked with punch cards, who was singing and playing for the crowds, mainly children I think as the songs seemed to be nursery stories or at least some sorts of fun songs for kids. I recorded this on the mobile phone - not good fidelity but better than nothing. We had a very good lunch at one of the many creperies "intra muros" (inside the wall) and then drove back to Ploufragan. It was a good relaxed day but St Malo, to us at least, had limited appeal.

During the afternoon the weather deteriorated. We took a longer coastal route back to our temporary home, stopping at a reasonable cafe for lunch along the way