Germany, Iceland, France (& that Bike Race) & England

July, 2005

Brittany: Day 5,Cycling and a Concert

Its always good to have change and contrast in one's holidays. After yesterday's driving and fighting in crowds of tourists (don't you hate tourists?) this morning was spent on the bikes on very quiet country roads. Even the odd busy section of more major road (the D7) was pretty easy going traffic wise. The aim today was not so much to stop and have wonderful stuff at a patisserie but just to ride. We ended up in a a place we had not been to before, just as planned, however it wasn't the place we should have been in. Not to worry, a few map checks and we were back in business. Eventually we reached the same road we had used a few days ago and really enjoyed the big descent into St Anne du Houlins. The big climb out again is not so much to be relished, though of course now that we have done THAT HILL in the Alpes, nothing can stop us. We took a different way out of St Anne, just as hilly of course and then had a really good tailwind assisted sprint back to our abode.

One thing about riding here - the roundabouts are a hoot! Unlike those in Sydney where one is pushed off the road before entering, given no room in the roundabout, and overtaken on exit, here one takes one's road space and it is respected at all stages of the roundabout. And they can be ridden very fast!

During the afternoon we watched some of the tour on TV and then went to a free organ recital in the cathedral in St Brieuc. The organ was essentially C19th, allegedly, though not in fact, in equal temperament and at A=438 Hz (17 deg). It was a great sound, rather carelessly played. The organist had little technique and was seriously lacking in matters of articulation and rhythm. The singers (male) did quite well with their sections of the work which we think was by Corrette. Never-the-less it was worth going along.

Following that adventure was the best adventure of all - dinner!