Germany, Iceland, France (& that Bike Race) & England

July, 2005

Brittany: Day 2, Around St Brieuc

Today we rose late. Now it was time to investigate our surroundings a little, so we set off by car to "La Plage". On the way we visited the very old church in St Briuec - a woinderful church with lots of bits added and modified over the centuries from the first one on the site in the 9th century.

La PLage - Weird. The water was about 300m off shore as the tide was out, but we noted that it was coming in.

After a long time negotiating interestingly signposted roads and intersections we eventually found our way back to St Brieuc for lunch at a Creperie. Superb. We had galettes and dessert crepes, cidre, and coffee (they had decaf!).

Returning to Ploufragan we retired to the TV to watch the tour. The TV set colour was a bit wonky to say the least, but at least we had some coverage of the race!

Next on the agenda was the 25 km ride, fro us that is, not the guys in the tour. Fran has almost lost her voice but insists she feels OK, so we set off towards St Julien. We reached it soon enough and continued on for a while, then turned back and took a few side roads just to have a quick look around the local district. It seems to be a new area for well off people - all very nice and picturesque! By now it was well after 7:00 so we showered cooked and ate. Simple fare with a cheap Bandol wine was perfect.