Germany, Iceland, France (& that Bike Race) & England

July, 2005

The Alps: Day 4, Le Tour - stage 10

Well, given how hard to take the views are from the Gite, we decided to find some better ones. A ride down to near Jarrier, then up, and as usual for this end of the world, more up! 30 Kms was the final loop, with half of this climbing. The views were spectacular indeed. We ended up at La Tusuire, after climbing to a point above it and dropping quickly into town. The town of La Tusuire, obviously a big ski resort, is very ugly with high rise accommodation built completely out of style with the landscape and with any other buildings. From there we headed down some more, always scary because you know you have to go up again, and then, you guessed it. Up to our abode. A stunning ride indeed with at least as much climbing than L'Alpe D'Huez, just marginally less steep on average.

Dinner is booked for 19:00 at the pub in Jarrier thanks to Graeme who got out of the car and did this while we drove back from the bottom after buying lunch.

After lunch and minus Fran who was sleepy we drove to the highest place we could on the mountain and then walked in the alpine forest. A scary road it was too with huge drops straight over the edge, one lane only, not all sealed, windy and no barrier fence. At the top we visited the giant metal cross, again at the edge of the cliff with no barrier fence! But it was the views that made it worthwhile.

We all had dinner at the pub/restaurant in Jarrier. Raclette was the go, Graeme being the only one of us who had had it before. Excellent! A cheap Pinot Noir Rose (which was much more like a Beaujolais) was perfect with this meal.