Germany, Iceland, France (& that Bike Race) & England

July, 2005

The Alps: Day 6, Rest

We called a rest day, esp as it is Bastille day today. Shopping had to be done before midday when everything shut, so we drove to St Jean de Maurienne, shopped, and walked around a bit to explore the town. We looked inside the old church (12th to 15th century), walked around the centre of the old town and then up the cemetery.

In St Jean de Maurienne

Back to our abode 9 kms up the big hill, lunch then a walk down the hill (a bit) to look at the chappels close by. At least some work is being done to preserve them, though one suspects centuries of neglect until quite recently. One of them had had either landslide or water damage cause the entire building to buckle badly. It is currently held together with several steel cables wrapped around its girth. Needless to say one could not go inside any of these but some photos were possible through small windows.

Fran also did some flower photos this day...