Germany, Iceland, France (& that Bike Race) & England

July, 2005

The Alps: Day 4, Le Tour - stage 10

We drove to the Carefourt of the N6 and D925 to watch a stage of Le Tour. Greame and Debbie had already seen 4 other stages and were now experts in how to go about this. We had allowed a reasonable time to get there and found a neat spot in shade (of the A43 whihc passed overhead at this point) and waited. Actually we had planned to go on a little further but they had closed the route, even to cyclists, very early.

When the Caravan came through we scored well with trinkets... hats, pens, lollies, the very sought after water, chocolate etc.

Then a really odd thing happened - two Gendarmes on motorbikes entered the roundabout, went opposite ways (as the peleton was expected to do and as the caravan had done) but did not realise this and they collided quite hard, head on! No-one hurt but some pride damaged, not to mention some pretty broken looking motorbikes. The bikes were cleared away and the road covered in sand and then swept to remove to fuel and oil, but we think the peleton was instructed to go the short way through the roundabout, thus avoiding the potentially slippery road at the crash site. Spectators moved to new positions - the riders were due any second!

The race came through - a really good breakaway had formed in the short 40 kms from Grenoble. Some time later the bunch came though, and that was it, very fast! We did however get some photos and had a great time learning about howe it all worked, which was critically important for our next day's plan.

Shopping and cooking occupied the rest of the day. Fran and I cooked fresh salmon with a Hollandaise sauce and chips, followed by a (bought) pear tart and some yummy cheeses.