Iceland: Day 6, Icebergs

After some time allowing our hosts and Simmi and Sibba to "catch up", and us to wander about the farm, we got underway back to Reykjakik. The trip took until about 20:00 yet again because we had a long stop at the iceberg lake. Simmi and Sibba arranged to for us all to go out on the lake in a boat: Not the big amphibious vehicles everyone else pays to go in, but the smaller faster Zodiac which is used as a rescue boat, and this was free because we are special!

Driving between icebergs is a weird feeling, and not particularly warm either. We saw a chunk break from one side, and another decide to roll over. The colours and shapes are incredible.

After this the weather turned very bad and the trip back was punctuated only by stops for food and to stretch and recover. Something traditional for dinner I think... pizza ?