Iceland: Day 5, More Touring about, South Coast

After such a late night and long day it took us a while to get moving, but eventually we said goodbye to our Hosts, Gilfie and Soffia, and headed off to the farmhouse where Simmi had spent many youthful summers all those millenia ago :-)

On the way, there were many places to stop and admire more weird quirks of geology and history.

The Summer House, waterfalls,
and a view of the Westman islands

We travelled along the south coast of Iceland, an area dominated by tall peaks, black sands, lava fields, waterfalls, glacial rivers, and the biggest glacier outside polar regions. There was also a place where the ancient lava had cooled in a special way leaving a strange almost regular pattern. This pattern has been mimicked for the large church in the centre of Reykjavik.

Eventually we reached the Glacier and the most spectacular lake where one huge tongue of the glacier melts and floats away to the see as icebergs, and somewhat cooled water.

Then on to the farm which is a fully working farm in a typical small community of farms all owned and worked by different parts of the same family. We were fed a traditional meal of boiled meats, split pea soup, potato and swede.

Again a long day and right after dinner we took the chance to turn in early, or rather earlier - it was after 23:00.

A village church
Black sandy beaches
Weird formations
Glacier and its lake and Icebergs