Iceland: Day 4, Touring about

Today we are leaving town for a few days and staying with various friends and relatives of Simmi and Sibba.

We took a long way around to get to the summer house of Sibba's sister and her husband, taking in the sights of the so called golden circle. Most of this is in easy driving distance of Reykyavik, and at many of the places there were large numbers of tourists, even bus tours! Traveling around such an island with no trees anywhere was certainly weird. All the hills are bare which gives the place a very desolate feel. These sights include:

A lake used for thermal water supplies (thermal water is used to heat surface water)

the place where the American continental plate joins the European one - this is where the world's first democratic parliament met. Her there is also a deep cold pool water where female criminal were drowned. Male criminals were hanged.

A church which stands where a much larger wooden church once stood. In this place there were tunnels under the church allowing escape when under attack. There is now an archaelogical dig taking place here as this is a very important site in Iceland's history.

Thermal pools and the big Geysir.

Gullfoss - an amazing waterfall which plummets into a deep narrow gorge.

After seeing all this it was evening and we had a little way still to drive. Fran and I had not looked at any maps (and nor had anyone else I suspect, but then they knew where they were) so we were a little lost in terms of distance and direction from Reykjavic, but we think we really had taken a very long way around to a pojnt which was really only a small distance from the capital.

We arrived sometime around 20:00 and the BBQ was fired up - wonderful meal including home made wines. At about midnight the spa, sitting out on the verandah, was cool enough to get into: 40° or a little more. Some chickened out but Fran and I borrowed some swimming costumes and sat in the spa - the outside temperture was now 7°. Just after 01:00 we retired to the tent and slept.