Iceland: Day 3, Old Houses

Day 10 - A ride in Rekyakik! Well, at 6:30 when I woke the sky was cloudy but sun shone through and the wind had gone! So I started to put the bikes together. I had one finished when Linda knocked on the door wanting to use our shower. Fran awoke and then I put the other bike together. Simmi came up to give us the pre-ride pep talk and we were off. A pleasant 20 kms or so around the foreshores of this end of town - out to the lighthouse, around the domestic airport etc.

Drivers were careful of us, but not as used to cyclists as in Germany. We used cycle paths a lot along the foreshore and these were busy (by local standards) with kids, commuters and people out for a walk or jog. Roads are in pretty good condition mostly, but bike paths were less predictable and in some places not good for skinny tyres. The main route on the foreshore is shared path and oddly the pedestrians get 75% of the space leaving a bi-directional bike lane of less than 1m width!

After this excursion we spent time using the car to get around town looking at various things but mostly the museum where old style houses from many eras and styles, have been preserved. Most have been moved to the site and restored to original condition, complete with various furnishings and furniture.