Iceland: Day 2, More Reykjavik

The weather forecast was bleak (actually it was fine, but the weather it forecast was to be bleak), but in fact the early morning was not too bad, just very windy. A ride was decided against for now, so we went out in the car with the Iceland bunch, looking at stuff. They drove us to a nearby "mountain" which we walked up - quite steep too, and from the top the views were brilliant. That is of course if one could stand in one place and not be toppled or rolled away by the "breeze" !

We spent a long time here battling the wind, and the girls were cold also. The views in every direction were amazing: mountains to the west and north, the city and the sea just below us, and no trees.

Lunch in a restaurant in town was excellent, if very expensive (we had been warned).

We wandered around a bit and went into the town hall where there is a huge relief map of Iceland. This was great to view and discuss, especially in light of the overnight trip we will take to the glacier in a few days.

Afternoon was quiet time for us though the weather just got worse and worse, very windy, not warm and raining.

In the evening we were guests at a family gathering party - both Simmi's and Sibba's families, nearly every member was there. Many spoke English so we were able to join in well, and the food was superb. Everyone had brought a plate of something very very yummmy! A little after midnight, before sunset, we went home.