Germany, Iceland, France (& that Bike Race) & England

July, 2005

Germany: Day 7, Burg Eltz

Today's plan is to cycle to the Mosel and back. This of course is weather dependent and the first impressions of the day are mixed. It rained quite a lot overnight and the roads are still very wet. It is overcast and there is a light breeze. This is also the coolest morning since we have been here.

So we drove to the Mosel and visited Burg Eltz. The weather remained bad and rainy so we were glad of our decision. The walk from the car park at Burg Eltz down to the Burg was very very steep, and coming back afterwards we were glad not to be on the bikes. Walking it was difficult enough. The Burg was excellent and while the guided tour was in German, we were able to purchase a written translation quite cheaply. The Burg's has , as one would expect, an intersting history, though in this case one of trade and (mostly) nice behaviour, not too many bloody wars and feuds... at least that's what they told us :-)

We had a slow afternoon, which ironically fined up later in the day, but the bikes were already packed ready for the flight to Iceland tomorrow.

Dinner was at a Restaurant in St Goar - Fran had Duck and I had Venison... very good!

Well that's it for Germany. Tomorrow we drive to Frankfurt, then grab a plane to Rekyavik.