Germany, Iceland, France (& that Bike Race) & England

July, 2005

Germany: Day 5

We started the day (on the bikes) by going down to St Goar the quickest steepest way and doing the easy climb back, the way had done yesterday. Of course Easy is a relative term and its a 15 km climb, just not overly steep at any stage, so very much in the "do-able" class.

We started off and zoomed downhill, though not as much as we expected to. Keith's new tyre seemed OK... at the base we went along to St Goar and then back and started up. up. up. Not hard work, but continuous, so we decided on the rhythm method :-) It started to rain as we approached the halfway mark, but we didn't worry about that at all. At the top of the main section Keith pulled over to see Fran not far behind, and the phone rang! Amazing thing technology. Mother-in-law of course :-) Within a few moments Fran was able to take over the German end of the conversation. We then continued on to our home, taking the steep descent (we were pretty close to Emmelshausen) very carefully in the wet conditions.

After a snack, a shower and a washing spree we set off in the car with big SLR Digital in tow... this was a touristy day!

We drove to Kastellaun and just about the first thing we saw was a really good bike shop! Later we came back here and bought a good mini pump and a proper tyre for Keith and lots of spare tubes. Everything was considerably cheaper than at home in Sydney! Bikes were genreally petty cheap here, and ranged from the locally popular super heavy duty shopping model complete with generator lights, basket and mudguards, to some reasonbable MTB and road bikes.

Walking around town we found the famous ruined castle and this made excellent photographic material, especially with the views down into the town and up the valleys from the upper parts. Now it was time to eat and this involved a salad followed by... of course, Eis!

Now we drove off to Bingen, which was big and busy and not too easy to stop in, so we didn't. Continuing along the Rhein back towards St Goar we stopped at Bacharach, a very tourist oriented place but with a great ruined cathedral and a YHA high on the hill. In fact the walk to this was very long and steep, but worth every step. The climb took us at least 3/4 of the way up the valley side. The views over the town and the Rhein were spectacular.

Back to home and a well earned rest before heading into Emmelshausen (by car) for Dinner at a Restaurant - our first for the trip. Disappointingly the only one open was "San Marco" - an Italian Restaurant! This certainly made life more familiar in terms of what to order... though of course the menu was in Italian with the German underneath. We orderd using the Italian, as we would do in Sydney (no, we can't speak it) and this seemed to surprise the waiters. The meal was excellent and not overly expensive, perhaps slightly less so than a similar meal at home, and the grog was much cheaper!

More photos in Bacharach