Germany, Iceland, France (& that Bike Race) & England

July, 2005

Germany: Day 3

Sunrise again showed a misty warm day, though with some blue patches of sly overhead there is hope for a sunny day, or at least for some sunshine today. I suppose we drought sricken Australians crave susnhine more than some people.

After breakfast we decided to ride up the big hill again and see if we could get a good map of the local cycle routes, in Emmelshausen. We were successful at this, though we then tried several routes, only some of which proved to be ones we intended to take, only to find they all became tracks suitable only for MTBs and some tourers. This meant we spent a good 45 minutes to an hour doing 5 to 10 km loops around various parts of the town without getting anywhere, so we decided to take the route we knew from the day before and just go further along it. This was great.

Arriving at Kastellaun we had an early but well deserved lunch. Salad was what seemed appropriate from the menu so we ordered that - Isalata Italiana for Fran, and Inslata Salmone for Keith - interestingly given in the italian and when they came, basically just a big pile of green lettuce, grated carrots and a thin dressing with, in Fran's case, some grated cheese and olives and in my case, a good serving of smoked salmon. All very nice but not really italian and not much idea of salad :-)

We headed back, enjoying the downhill to our town again! The afternoon was spent shopping in Emmelshausen and finally the temptation to have "Eis" became too great. Yummy! (spaghetti eis, and tiramisu eis).

We read our books for a while then had dinner, which was a collection of cold meat, cheeses, bread and olives with a local Riesling. Excellent.

After dinner we took a stroll of a photographic nature up to town and then back to the lookout behind our abode - we did not know this existed but what a view. We looked straight down onto the Rhein! The sun had been more and more obvious all day and now the sunset was muted but impressive. This sort of light we do not get in Australia so the opportunity to use it was great. The sun finally disappeared over the hilltop at about 21:30 but there was light in the sky for an hour longer.

Photos are:
Our dinner, clouds at sunset
A tiny house at the top of town, sunset
Fran in the nook along to road between our house and the village, The pub