New Zealand

September 2004, North Island

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Day 1 - Getting there

Well, flying is flying... go to a high place, aim for the ground and just as you are about to hit it, miss.

So we arrived after:

  • Keith was almost forced to put on his wet weather gear when a passenger's water bottle leaked from the luggage rack above
  • The hire car company did not confirm with us and some interesting phone calls had to be made to secure our car, which had been organised, its just that we didn't know it.

The Stamford is very nice. Unlike the Glenelg (Adelaide) Stamford we were offered (at no charge) valet parking and our luggage was dealt with (bikes included) effortlessly by the staff.

Dinner at the Stamford was superb.

That's about it for today... the commute is over and tomorrow we begin in earnest.