Our Big Ride, September 2000

The Why, Where and the When

The period of the Sydney Olympic Games provided us with the possibility of 3 weeks holiday, both at the same time! So, we decided that a long trip was in order, and of course the destination had to be somewhere worth going. Where better than the Victorian town of Rutherglen, one of Australia's oldest wine growing areas and renowned the world over for its fortified wines.

The starting point had to be Cowra (where Fran's parents live) as this avoided the diffuclty of riding across the Blue Mountains in heavy traffic on dangerous roads, and gave us a safe place to leave our car and the trailer used for carrrying the trikes.

So, Cowra to Rutherglen, via... well this had to be planned carefully so we had some harder days mixed up with easier ones and some days of no riding at all, plus time for wome wine tasting in Rutherglen. We bought topographic maps, calulated distances and matched these against the terrain trying desperately to avoid the big cities of Albury-Wodonga and Wagg Wagga.

We came up with a route which was unexpectedly varied during the ride (day 14) despite the best planning we could do. It turned out to be a wonderful route and we reccommend the route, or parts of it to any cyclist wishing to do some touring. This trip would be far too hot in summer - we recommend spring or autumn.

If you do intend to do some or all of this trip check flood situations as many of the roads used are flood prone!

The Photos

Daniel carried his trusty digital camera and Fran and Keith took their ageing but still functional 35mm SLR. These pages use a mixture of those pictures.

All of Daniel's Photos can be viewed here. Of course he and Mark left the tour in Wangarratta so the return from Rutherglen to Cowra is not included.

The Maps

The maps are not to any special scale, nor are they intended to be deadly accurate. We have tried, however, to include just enough information that someone wishing to try the route could do so from our maps combined with some proper topographic maps or other reliable source.

Just for fun there is a complete map in the same style here. It is a PDF file (v4) which is a about 83Kb in size. We recommend that you donwload it rather than viewing on-line as it is on a very large "page"

The Tour

Outward bound Wine country The return

Day 1 - Cowra to Young

Day 2 - Young to Temora

Day 3 - Temora to Coolamon

Day 4 - Coolamon to The Rock

Day 5 - The Rock to Culcairn

Day 6 - Culcairn to Rutherglen

Days 7 and 8 - in Rutherglen

Days 9 and 10 - Milawa Excursion

Day 11 - in Rutherglen

Day 12 - Rutherglen to Lockhart

Day 13 - Lockhart to Coolamon

Day 14 - Coolamon to Barmedman

Day 15 - Barmedman to Grenfell

Day 16 - Grenfell to Cowra