Windsor Loop

Distance (km)74 Average (km/hr)26+ Maximum (km/hr)60



From the map our route may not be clear. We started at the M2 Pennant Hills Rd intersection and followed the M2 westward and then joined the M7 (on-road). Then we took the Old Winsdor Rd turn from the M7, into Sunnyholt road (on-road cycle lane), right into Quakers Hill Parkway and right a few more times on quiet back roads to reach the railway line. Follow the railway line and then near Windsor thee is now a big flood proof raised roadway which has decent cycle lanes and a great surface!. The return trip was along the Windsor Rd cycleway until Sunnyholt Rd where we turned again but this time on the cycleway, and we went further along to Vardys Rd where we took to the roads again to come back via a few extra little hills in Kings Langley before rejoining the M2

This ride can use cycleways or on road lanes as you choose. The day we did this we used on-road routes to Windsor, and cycleways on the way back, as far as possible. We found that although the cycelways are good for shorter journeys and local access, they are not well designed for longer journeys. Ther are too many road and driveway crossings, debris washes down driveways onto the cyceleway, there are traffic light poles right in the middle of the cycleways, and at several places the vegetation has already narrowed the cycleway by more than half!