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We are members of Bike North inc. which was our local Bicycle User Group when we lived in Sydney. It is very active in advocacy for cycling and also provides a comprehensive social cycling programme.

Need to improve your confidence and skills?

Want to commute work work by bike but don't feel you can quite manage? Want to ride for fun but find the roads a bit scary ? Need help with gears or general skills?
Let us know - we are both qualified cycling coaches and really enjoy helping others to get out there and have some fun.

Hills compared

Here is a page comparing some of the hills of northern Syndey. More hills will be added as I collect the data.

Now we live in Junee

On 5 October 2012 we moved from Sydney to Junee, NSW. The cycling around here is pretty good and of course the main things are the lack of traffic, traffic controls or other reasons to stop or slow down. We only stop if we find something to look at, or if its time for a break, so 'training' rides are actually possible here.

A day at Dunc Gray Velodrome

As novices on track bikes and velodrome riding a group of 10 of us decided to hire the bikes, track and a coach for a 2 hour skills session to learn the bascis. Here are the photos shot by several different people on the same camera during the session

Keith's new "Little Fish" Bike (October 2011)

See the photos

Tired of frames which do not quite fit, and the obsession with ultra-light-weight bikes at the expense for durability (for heavy riders this matters), Keith asked Suzy Jackson a.k.a Little Fish Bicycles to build him a frame. The result is spectacular! Steel frame with polished lugs and lots of class.

Suzy's website is here and her blog (make sure you view the blog) makes excellent reading and viewing

World Masters' Games 2009

Insanely, for cyclists who have never raced, we entered the WMG in the road race and Individual Time Trial events. We worked hard at getting our selves fit and ready and each managed personal best efforts and results. It was great fun to mix it with some rather more serious racers, and to meet a whole bunch of other riders like us, who wanted to have a go!

Day rides and Tours

At various times it is our habit to take leave not only of the house, but of our senses and go touring on the trikes. We also take every opportunity to get out of Sydney and ride our road bikes. Sometimes we pick a base camp and do day rides from there, other times we travel by other means from base to base. Here are accounts of some of our journeys.

Miscellaneous photos from trips

Other events

12 hour event 2006 Fran at Eastern Creek raceway

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